MBR System in Gujarat

MBR Water Treatment Plant

Membrane Bioreactor technology has emerged as an efficient compact technology of both municipal and industrial waste water. GIECL MBR Water Treatment Plant bring together the best advantages of hollow fiber and flat sheet technologies. GIECL is manufacturer of MBR system in India provides you modern, cost effective and most efficient Waste Water Treatment Process. The system is highly based on combination of biological treatment and a membrane filtration unit. MBR system is design in which microorganism are completely trapped in a bioreactor and achieving complete separation between hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge Retention time (SRT) which makes the system very robust and flexible. Our offered MBR System have no sludge bulking or sludge rising problems. Highly acknowledge by our client due to its features like high stability, less maintenance, compact design, and can be directly reused or discharged directly. High efficiency in removal of bod, cod suspended and dissolved solids. Available in various size LBH, models according to the needs and specification are given by our client. Moreover, we offer this at a very nominal rates.

Features of MBR Water Treatment Plant :

  • Easy to operate
  • High stability
  • High effluent quality
  • Low production of sludge
  • Very compact design
  • Minimize power consumption
  • Reduce clean needs
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Minimal cleaning

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