Brackish water RO plant

Brackish Water RO Plant Manufacturer

Gujarat Ion Exchange and chemical limited GIECL Brackish Water RO Plant (BWRO) Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat . Design with highest quality, advanced technology on a single compact frame for maximum utilization of space.

Ultra filtration is also commonly use as Reverse OSMOSIS plant pretreatment. Our BWRO plant runs at lower pressure typical sea water and utilized for removal of heavy metals, chemical or minerals. Our system produce water RO plant to meet the most demanding specification and different capacities are available to suit specific requirement. Our Slide Mounted Reverse OSMOSIS Plant run from tap water, salty water to the sea water desalination and cover all type of application including drinking water, irrigation water and process water. It is ideal for food and beverage industries, portable drinking water, agriculture, hotels and resorts, ice making, pharmaceutical and water bottling and many more. The Brackish Water RO System are ready to work the plant provides 12,000 liters per hour drinking water and having capacity of 0.5 M3/hr. To 100 M3/hr. We can provide industry standards or custom designed Brackish Water RO Machine. RO Plant from GIECL deliver high performance at low cost, save energy and increasing proficiency.

Features Of Blackish Water RO Plant :-

  • Easy operation
  • High pressure pump
  • Process valve
  • Durability
  • Reliable operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long service life
  • Stainless steel high pressure piping
  • Multimedia filter
  • Standard control with RO micro controller and conductivity display
  • Chemical dosing system

Brackish water is normally utilized as a hotspot for desalination offices. It is generally pulled from neighborhood estuaries or bitter inland water wells. Since it ordinarily has less salt and a lower grouping of suspended solids than does seawater, bitter water needs less pretreatment for example Brackish water Treatment Plant , which diminishes generally creation costs. In any case, a burden is that discarding the saline solution from an inland desalination area builds the cost and can raise ecological concerns.

Harsh water will be water with saltiness levels among seawater and freshwater. It happens where surface or groundwater blends in with seawater, in profound "fossil springs," and where salt disintegrates from mineral stores after some time as precipitation permeates down into springs. Truly, Brackish Water has been underestimated. While it could be utilized for water system in certain pieces of the world, most enterprises can't utilize this is on the grounds that it harms gear, and it's not good for utilization by people or domesticated animals.

In any case, as the expense of desalination has diminished and freshwater assets have become profoundly drained, numerous leaders are giving the desalination of bitter water another glance. Brackish Water Treatment Plant is, all things considered, altogether simpler to desalinate than seawater.

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