Ultra-Pure Water Generation System

Ultra Pure Water Generation System Manufacturer

Gujarat Ion Exchange and chemical limited GIECL is leading Manufacturer ofUltra-pure Water Generation (UPW) System in Ahmedabad, India . The offered system is manufactured with high purity, SS 316 high grade materials and advanced technology. We have evolved our system of pure water generation which is compliance with the USP, WHO, GMP, WFI Standard. Our system is custom design based on the range of factors including the all specific characteristic of the available feed water and give better quality of finished product. Our offered Ultra-Pure Water System is highly used for High Purity Water Generation System for Pharmaceutical Industries like Tablets, Injection, Syrup Manufacture. It can be supply in capacity for 1000 to 2500 LPH according the needs and specification of clients. It is also available in various commercial and residential sectors. We also offer installation and after sales services through our technical expert team. These solutions which meet the most stringent industry site specific quality target which is more reliable and provide continuous supply of high quality water. Application include food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or microelectronic production and boiler.

Features of Ultra Pure Water Generation System :-

  • Reduction of UV for final treatment
  • Less power consumption
  • High performance
  • Lowest footprint
  • Less maintenance cost
  • User friendly
  • Can be connected to any other water
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to replace cartridge

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